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Understanding timeshare agreements and contracts is a matter of firstly understanding timesharing and secondly knowing your rights. Hence, here is a quick overview of exactly what timesharing is as well as some of the key areas of timesharing and timeshare

Whether you are in the happiest of times or the hardest of times, a family solicitor handles both the personal and financial matters that arise between couples and other family members. Often times, only the personal aspects are considered when

One of the biggest criticisms of the timeshare industry is its use of ‘in perpetuity’ contracts, extremely long agreements which can be incredibly difficult to cancel, leaving many trapped into owning a timeshare which they can’t get rid of.  But

The Family Provision Act of 1969 is the set of laws that govern how a person is to provide for his or her dependents after his or her death. This law generally does not have to be invoked, especially if