A Few Things To Know Before Immigrating to Canada

Moving to Canada is pretty enticing these days.  The country offers many of the same benefits of living in the United States but things are a little more stable there, than they are in the US. Plus, being further north of the equator, many parts of Canada are having exquisite weather right now.

So moving to Canada might be quite appealing to you. And if that is, in fact, the case, you may need to understand Monavocat droit de l’immigration to make sure you do it legally and efficiently.


Everyone who tries to immigrate to Canada must take an immigration test but this test has been getting easier every year.  You need to pass this test in order to receive a government invitation to move to Canada and, when you pass this test, you can expedite your process by using the Express Entry program.


If you happened to be married to—or you are planning a marriage to—someone who is a resident of Canada, you can apply for spousal sponsorship.  There are two types of spousal sponsorship

  • Inland Spousal Sponsorship—necessary for a spousing moving to Canada who wants to both live and work in Canada
  • Outland Spousal Sponsorship—essentially this is for a spouse who is relocating to Canada and not necessarily working (this process is much faster)


One major reason why people move to Canada is because of a new job.  Although this program is not open right now but when it does reopen, it will offer various selection criteria as well as an option to expedite the application process so that you can get your Canadian work visa as soon as possible.


Of course, another excellent reason why a person might move to Canada from another country—and potential work there—would be for schooling. It is, of course, often a great way to get an education but it also offers an opportunity to travel abroad.  Just be sure that you get a student visa for the initial visit and for the duration of your studies.  You can always fully and properly immigrate when you graduate.  Also, when you study in Canada, you will also have some options for getting work permits for family members.