Alameda County Alleges Seven Officers Tied To Sex Abuse Scandal Will Face Criminal Charges

It is not such an easy time to be a policeman. One of the most valiant and selfless careers you can choose, it seems like there is more bad publicity than good for the men in blue. In the latest cases filed against police officers, California prosecutor Nancy O’Malley announced last week that she intends to file criminal charges against seven officers who have been found tied to a sexual abuse scandal that involves a California teenager.

An Alameda County teenager has made allegations that she has had sexual relations with over 12 police officers in the Alameda district. That prompted an investigation to substantiate her claim. Several Bay area policemen were named, many she insists, she had encounters with before 18, the age of consent.

O’Malley maintains that she was waiting to formally file charges against the police officers until Celeste Guap, the alleged victim, could be returned from where she resides in Florida. Jailed under accusations of assault, she had to be extradited to California to give testimony before any proceedings could go underway.

The District Attorney has made a comment that there are as many as five Oakland officers, a former Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office deputy and a Livermore cop, who will be brought up on charges related to a sexual abuse scandal that is county-wide.

Not just taking Guap’s account, investigators have reviewed over 150 thousand pages of data, which includes both Instagram postings of over 3000, over 76 thousand pages of Facebook communications and 60 thousand text messages. Also included in evidence are more than six thousand images and over five hundred multimedia messages including twenty-one videos. That speaks volumes for the extensive nature of the incident and how far-reaching it is.

Not your everyday sexual affair, the latest fallout from this scandal has led O’Malley to conclude that the actions of the police officers were nothing short of morally reprehensible, but the biggest problem is that the actions investigated in her social media quest did not substantiate any proof that the officers violated criminal statutes.

As a result of the investigation, Libby Schaaf, the Oakland Mayor, announced last week that four police officers had been fired after a year-long and intensive investigation into the alleged sexual abuse scandal. Seven additional officers have been suspended without pay, and just one will be ordered to receive training in sexual harassment and counseling.

Guap was arrested in Florida, according to the arrest report, for aggravated battery, after she allegedly physically attacked a security guard at a voluntary outpatient rehabilitation center. Two already well established civil rights attorneys in the Bay Area are working on securing her release so she can return to Alameda County to help with criminal proceedings.

The entire scandal was exposed when an Oakland Police Officer from the department took his own life in 2015. He left a suicide note that told a lucid tale of what had been going on within the police district. Since then, an investigation has been underway to get to the bottom of just how far-reaching the sex scandal is and how many participants were involved.

Officer Brendan O’Brien left a note at his death bed that alluded to the actions of his fellow officers along with the contact of the teenage girl that the Civil Rights Attorneys are trying to return to face questioning in California.

Likely, she will have a lot of information, that the prosecution needs, to piece together the intricacies of what happened and who was involved. With charges being alleged from lewd acts to oral copulation to prostitution, there is no shortage of gaps to be filled in.

A criminal defense lawyer Toronto can confirm, as serious as misdemeanor charges of conducting a search of official computer systems and criminal justice data without the proper authority, it appears that everyone had their hands in a part of the wide-scale scandal. All revolving around a teenager, she is the star witness to tell the story of all that went on.

With not much good news to be found about the altruistic acts of policemen in the media, the Alameda sexual abuse scandal is yet another knock to the uniform. If criminal proceedings lead to arrests and possible jail time, it is not going to put the Alameda County Police District in a very respectable light.