Approval of Patent Application Takes a Really Long Time

It is a good idea to get a patent if you are an inventor. It protects your invention against piracy. If you find other companies have copied your idea(s) without asking for permission, you can sue them. They might even be required to pay you a huge sum of money as a penalty.

This is a huge motivation for a lot of people to apply for a patent, even if it costs a lot. Aside from the cost of the patent application, it is also a lengthy process. The duration of the application, until approval, could be around 2 years.

You should apply for a patent only if you are confident that there is a good chance of your application being accepted. Otherwise, you should just focus your efforts on other things.

Why does it take so long?

There are several reasons why the approval process takes a really long time. To begin with, your invention will be compared with other existing ones. Your application will only proceed if nothing else that has been patented is similar to that for which you have applied. Slight similarities will be taken note of and questioned. There are times when you might feel really confident about your application, but it still ends up getting rejected.

The review process does not happen overnight. There are several people involved in the review. They will thoroughly inspect the product (or idea) that you are trying to patent. Even the required drawings have certain specifications. Unless these specifications are met, your application will most likely be denied.

Is it worth waiting?

In the end, even if the entire process takes 2 or 3 years, you should still do it. After all, the best things in life are a product of patience.

Besides, if you love inventing things and this is your source of livelihood, you should not let anyone take it from you. You have worked hard in order to finally come up with your invention. Others can’t just swoop in to take your idea. Aside from the money that comes with it, you should also take pride in what you have done and claim rightful ownership if you have done everything to make it happen.

Yes, this is a long process but it can be shortened with the help of experts. Take a look at patent lawyers at for more information. You may also use patent writing software to help you in coming up with a quality application. If you apply for patent approval, you should do everything to help obtain a positive outcome.

Image: (Stuart Miles)