How Can a Lawyer Help with a Divorce?

A divorce lawyer is a legal professional who is a specialist in issues relating to the process known as divorce, including divorce dissolution, and annulment. A lot of divorce lawyers are actually family law practitioners, who focus on a whole host of issues which are related to marriage and family, ranging all the way from adoption to wills. People who unfortunately have to go through the process of a legal separation are normally encouraged to use a professional lawyer who is knowledgeable with the entire process, to ensure that their legal rights are fully protected and to engage in an amicable settlement, if it is possible.

If somebody wishes to become a divorce lawyer, they  will have to first attend law school, ideally researching and studying family law topics over the course of his or her education, and then qualify to practice law by taking and passing the bar exam. Bar exams usually include a written exam and what is known as a character assessment to make sure that the candidate is a morally fit individual who can professionally practice law. After qualification, the lawyer will then seek employment in a practice which administers family law matters, and get plenty of practical experience in that field.

First Assignments and Key Features

In most cases, the first assignment of a divorce lawyer is the process of drawing up divorce papers after having been approached by one of the spouses to do so. In other cases, a couple seeking family law advice in Yorkshire may have mutually decided to divorce, in which case the couple can approach the lawyer together and ask for legal help, but in the more contentious kind of divorces, the lawyer will be consulted by one spouse only. The petition for divorce can be given to the other spouse after it has been written up and signed and filed by the spouse who is requesting a divorce.

One of the key features of this legal profession is the equanimity of a settlement whilst a couple chose to dissolve their marriage. Part of the settlement includes the division of equity, talks about child custody, and a settlement of maintenance and/or child support. A divorce lawyer might also administer a prenuptial agreement, or become involved in other specifications of the divorce. Should, for instance, a couple have fertilised embryos in special storage from an infertility treatment, the divorce lawyers for both sides would need to be involved in making a decision on what happens to the embryos.

Prenuptial Agreement

When it comes to what is known as a contentious divorce, a lawyer can serve as a client in court, and in specialised family courts which deal with a range of family-related affairs. A divorce lawyer may also aid his or her client with structuring a prenuptial agreement at the beginning of a marriage, ensuring that should the marriage not fare well, most of the legal groundwork for a fair amicable divorce will have been laid.

If you are seeking help in such matters, contact an experienced professional.