How Can Employees Defend Themselves from Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Nowadays, it has become common for employees to face sexual harassment at the workplace. Often, victims feel powerless and many of them are told that nothing can be done about it. This causes them to feel weak and intimidated but ultimately, most of them choose to stay quiet and tolerate it. In reality, sexual harassment is forbidden by law and instead of suffering from it on a daily basis, they can do much more to stop it, permanently. Here are a few things that employees should do to defend themselves from sexual harassment at the workplace.

1. Always Speak Up

More often than not, the workplace environment is hostile due to which the responsible parties do not realize that their conduct is offensive, turning it into a sexual harassment case. In such types of workplace environments, it is noticed that the victims suffer and go through a lot but still, they choose to stay quiet. This should not be done. Sexual harassment lawyers say that it is necessary for the victims to speak up and take stand for themselves if this happens.

If they won’t speak up, no one will know that something is wrong. Most victims find it embarrassing to address such an issue when in fact, it should be embarrassing for the responsible party and not them. Consequently, speaking up should be the first step towards resolving the problem.

2. See To Your Workplace’s Procedure

There are cases when the harasser does not care about the actions taken by you and they continue on doing it. Sexual harassment lawyers suggest victims follow the procedure defined by their workplace. Normally, all companies have detailed procedures about handling different types of issues, including ones related to sexual harassment. They say that if their company has a procedure for it, they should opt to follow it and take note of everything that was done as evidence.

Additionally, when companies formulate such policies, they give responsibility to a select few to address such complaints. If you have a representative which addresses sexual harassment issues, then they are the right person for you to report your complaint to. In case you do not have any, then you should either bring it into the notice of your supervisor or the head of the company’s human resource department. Keeping them informed will ultimately build a case against the harasser.

3. Administrative Charge

If you think your problems are left unattended and the harasser continues to harass you, you still have another way to get the problem noticed. You should opt for external procedures such as filing an administrative charge with any appropriate governmental agency in your state. In this case, you will need a sexual harassment lawyer who can guide you through the entire process. They will ensure that the legal requirements that you are unaware of are met. The governmental agency will investigate the matter and pull out all the stops to resolve the sexual harassment case you are facing at the workplace.

Seek Legal Help

If you are also facing sexual harassment at the workplace, then you need to take steps to resolve them before things go out of hand. You can consult Wilshire Employment Lawyers on matters related to sexual harassment. We have a team of seasoned sexual harassment lawyers who will ensure all your problems are resolved promptly. You can contact us at (213) 805-8549 or visit our main website for further details.