How to Find a Good Divorce Lawyer in Australia

Getting divorced is never easy. Having a good solicitor, however, can help a little. Here are several tips for finding a good solicitor to handle your separation case in Australia:

Choose a Lawyer that Specialised in Separation

If you just want to find a lawyer, Australia has plenty. When you are seeking a separation, you would want a lawyer who specialises in Australian divorce and legal separation law. Hire a specialist, not a generic lawyer. There are distinct advantages to hiring divorce lawyers Melbourne as opposed to just solicitors. Divorce lawyers are highly specialised in handling cases such as yours and will know the law, the procedures, and even some judges very closely. If you hire a solicitor who mostly handles, say, real estate cases, you will be at a disadvantage. Therefore, pay for an expert to have your case best represented.

Do Some Basic Research

Before you hire a solicitor, do some online research. Learn about how to hire a lawyer, the average costs in your state or city, and which lawyers are available in your area. You may be able to find blog posts or newspaper articles about going through a divorce. Read these and familiarise yourself with the process. Then you will be in a better position to hire the right type of lawyer for your case.

Ask for Recommendations

Lawyers are not always rated online, like products. If there are many lawyers in your area and you have no idea where to start, ask your friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. If you know anyone who has been through a similar process as the one you are about to go through, ask those people for advice. If more than one person recommends a solicitor, then you know that lawyer could be someone you can rely on.

Meet the Lawyer before Hiring

It’s very important to call and arrange a preliminary meeting before hiring the lawyer you have in mind. The meeting will be revelatory for both you and the solicitor. The solicitor will be able to get an idea about your case and whether he or she can handle the case. You can do an initial assessment of the lawyer. This will be a good opportunity to discuss costs, the solicitor’s experience, and other related matters. The lawyer may not charge for an initial meeting. But even if they do, it’s better to pay a small fee now than to pay in full and regret the decision later.

Pay Attention to Communication

When you meet with the solicitor, or even when talking with them on the phone, pay close attention to how the lawyer communicates. You should be very comfortable talking with the solicitor. This person will be representing you in court, so you will have to be comfortable with discussing intimate matters with the solicitor. When talking, pay attention to whether the solicitor tends to use generic terms or promotional terms with you. A lawyer who markets themselves too much may not be as good as they present themselves to be.

Discuss Cost Early

It’s important to discuss potential costs before hiring the solicitor. The solicitor should be able to give you a realistic quote for service charges, not including processing fees, for taking on your case. You can compare prices later.

All in all, hire a reputed divorce solicitor you are comfortable talking with and charges reasonably. Follow the above advice to make sure you are well represented in court.