Life After a Divorce: 6 Ways to Start Everything from Scratch

A couple of years ago, you thought that you would never break up, you shared all the joys and sorrows. You knew if something happened, there is a shoulder you can rely on. Now the marriage has become a part of your past. Where to go next? Sadness, fear, great anger at a partner, and total disappointment have become your main companions that poison the soul from the inside. How to survive a divorce and build a clear plan? Is it possible to stop the depression to live anew? We will try to answer these questions, but, anyway, don’t forget that you can always browse single ladies and start dating right away.

1. Stop analyzing the past

The more you delve into what happened, looking for the guilty, and trying to identify the moment from which life has gone downhill, the worse you will feel. Stop recall the insults received, over and over again experiencing feelings of resentment and guilt. Do not come up with plans for revenge! Just exhale and take care of yourself. Try to look for positive vibes in every new day, focusing on work, your hobby, or dreams. Many things deserve attention in life.

2. Limit communication with your ex

If you have common children, then reduce meetings to a minimum. And if nothing connects you, then don’t try to stay friends. Limit contacts with their relatives and your mutual friends. You should not care about where the ex goes, with whom they have fun, what they say about you. Concentrate solely on your life and look for a new circle of friends.

3. Have a change of scenery

If you have a chance to completely change the way of life, having left for another city or even a country, do it. This will help quickly cope with the injury because you will leave everything that reminds you about your past. If you cannot leave, then try to fundamentally change what surrounds you. Change the colors of the walls in the apartment, rearrange the furniture, choose new bright curtains, this will help create a world in which there is no place for the past. Think about how you would like to see your ideal bachelor cave?

4. Direct the released energy on yourself

Who said the end of a relationship is the end of a good life? Perhaps fate has prepared a real gift for you, but you are not yet able to appreciate its charms. Do not waste energy on experiencing and grievances, it is better to take care of yourself, investing the released energy in yourself. There is a huge number of development options: career growth or change of your job; searching for a new hobby; finally, just creating your perfect image – go in for sports, change wardrobe and hairstyle. How long have you denied yourself the joys of everyday life? It’s time to catch up over the years of marriage.

5. Go on a trip

Instead of turning into a couch potato in front of the TV and doing self-flagellation, go to some resort or book a tour. Bright impressions are needed to fill the void that has formed inside, switch thoughts, and tune your mind in the right way. The main thing is to be highly active and have no time to think about the past. Refuse the temptation to answer phone calls or monitor the life of your ex on social networks. Scuba diving, travel through the forests, learn the culture and traditions of a new country.

6. Stay open to new relationships

Divorce does not make you a loser unless you convince yourself of this. Stay positive and open to new relationships, do not be afraid to flirt with the opposite sex, go to the cinema and theaters, fill your life with new experiences. Nobody knows when you will meet the soulmate. Love comes unexpectedly when you don’t expect it. Learn to love yourself and appreciate the unique personality that you are.