Ontario Occupiers’ Liability Act Is Your Avenue to Injury Compensation

If you have been hurt in the GTA, you need a personal injury lawyer to make sure you get the compensation you deserve for lost income, pain and suffering, and medical bills when applicable. A slip and fall lawyer in Toronto can guide you through the legal maze to receive financial help.

In Ontario, there are different types of claims you can make depending on whether your accident occurred on the job or off. On-the-job injuries in Ontario are handled through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, which offers two avenues. The simplest is the Lost Time Claim and the other is No Lost Time Claim. They mean what they say: if you are dealing with an injury that has rendered you disabled and unable to earn an income, you must file for lost time. If you only have incurred medical bills but you have still been able to show up to your place of employment, pursue the alternative. To file a claim there are certain rules you and your employer must follow. The employer is responsible for reporting within 7 days of learning of the injury, even if no time is lost, or no loss of earnings is involved.

Avenue Injury Compensation

Under the Lost Time Claim, an applicant may be entitled to benefits and services if the worker suffered a loss of earnings or has a permanent disability or impairment. Disability is defined as a physical, mental or cognitive, sensory, emotional, or developmental problem, or some combination that makes it impossible for the individual to function in everyday life. Blindness and confinement to a wheelchair are two examples of disabling conditions. Disability thwarts the ability to make a living and achieve adequate income. Hiring a workers comp lawyer in Toronto to guide you greatly increases the chances you will be paid out the benefits you deserve. If you have already had an unfavourable decision by the WSIB, hiring a knowledgeable attorney will greatly increase the odds of winning your appeal.

If your accident occurred off the job, you will have to pursue compensation by another means. Toronto’s Goodman Law Group explains that under Ontario’s Occupier’s Liability Act, you have the ability to pursue public and private property owners and/or tenants for negligence. You will need substantial evidence that their negligence led directly to your fall, however, including photographic evidence of any hazards, witness reports, camera footage, and even maintenance records of the property. Goodman Law Group is one firm that operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning their clients don’t face any fees until their cases have been settled.

Slip and fall lawyers know how to get the compensation their clients need and deserve. Don’t delay in looking for representation; whatever your situation, there are always strict deadlines in which to file for benefits. Stop by www.goodmanlawgroup.ca/slip-fall.php to find out everything you need to win a suit of this nature. Get an experienced slip and fall lawyer who can stand up for you today and protect your legal rights.