Qualifying To have an Annulment

There are several key variations that distinguish an annulment from the divorce in Texas. For those who have lately been married and therefore are thinking about ending your marriage, you should be aware of legal distinctions from a divorce as well as an annulment so you are aware which action you need to pursue. Ideas outline the facts of annulment eligibility in Texas. For more clarification, consider contacting a Texas annulment lawyer.

Annulment Eligibility

The web site divorce as well as an annulment is the fact that, while the divorce is the procedure of ending the best marriage, an annulment is the procedure of ending a married relationship which was never considered valid under Texas law. An illegitimate marriage can include:

A minumum of one spouse being under 14 years of age or under 18 without parental consent or order from the court

Using pressure, stress, or fraud to coerce someone into marriage

Either spouse being intoxicated by alcohol or drugs during the time of the wedding

A spouse being physical or psychologically impotent with no other spouse’s understanding during the time of the wedding

Either spouse missing the mental ability to accept to marriage or comprehend the binding agreement of marriage

Either spouse being divorced from another marriage for under thirty days prior to the marriage

Close relation backward and forward spouses

Performing the wedding under 72 hrs after acquiring a married relationship license

Annulment Process

An annulment is really a faster, less complex process than the usual divorce. However, to get an annulment by claiming any of these conditions, you have to provide evidence to aid the situation the marriage was invalid. Also, the above mentioned qualifications to have an annulled marriage expire following a certain period of time. When the annulment request isn’t made prior to the time frame expires, then your couple cannot pursue an annulment and should rather pursue the divorce.

In case you have been married for less than three years, you can opt to annul your marriage, and an uncontested annulment doesn’t take long. Check online now to find an annulment Singapore lawyer, and get advice on the process.