Use the Services of Professional Criminal Lawyers

Professional criminal lawyers based in Perth Australia are leading providers of practical, legal defence services.  Dedicated lawyers have extensive experience and specialised knowledge of the legal system. Putting clients’ welfare first and being the best criminal lawyers in Perth is the goal of premier legal firms.

If you require legal help, get in touch with recommended legal firms in Perth, Down Under.  Experts will talk to you about your case and give the necessary support throughout the criminal justice system.  Respected criminal lawyers will provide you with strong, successful as well as practical legal services.

Dealing with a wide range of legal matters

Specialist criminal lawyers in Perth are used to dealing with a wide range of legal matters. The team at Timpano Legal deals with simple road traffic offences to more serious, complex charges. Timpano Legal Perth criminal lawyers have worked with some of the most highly regarded barristers and Queen’s Council in Australia.  Here are just some of the legal services you can expect from professional criminal lawyers:-

  • Homicide – thorough preparation is essential for all homicide cases.
  • Fraud – this can include fraud, robbery, theft, armed robbery, burglary including aggravated burglary.  Also coming under this umbrella is handling stolen property, money laundering, going equipped to steal, forgery, bribery and defrauding the Commonwealth.
  • Assault – includes assault, occasioning bodily harm or grievous bodily harm.
  • Traffic offences – including drink driving, [driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs], to careless, reckless or dangerous driving [whether or not causing death by serious injury].

Professional Criminal Lawyers

  • Drug offences – including possession, possession with intent to sell or supply, cultivation, manufacture and drug trafficking.
  • Extradition – both interstate and international

Rest assured, having extensive knowledge of the process, procedures and legal technicalities, allows criminal lawyer specialists to put your case forward with confidence.

Benefit from legal professionals and sound advice


It’s reassuring to know that when making contact with criminal lawyer legal teams in Perth you’ll benefit from legal professionals and sound advice.  Whatever type of legal problems you find yourself in, take advantage of a free initial consultation.  Get in touch by phone, fax or complete an online form with your contact details such as:-

  • Your name
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In return you can expect a swift reply to your query.  Passionate criminal lawyers interact with clients, colleagues and advisers.  To give you some idea of what established criminal lawyers could do for you, check out online case studies and blogs.


Interesting defence lawyer testimonials are also worth reading from satisfied clients.  Many people have taken their time to leave positive feedback online about their experiences with comments like:-

  1. An amazing outcome
  2. A professional, mature and committed lawyer
  3. A negative legal situation turned into a positive one
  4. A great result from the best criminal defence lawyers around

Don’t hesitate in contacting criminal defence lawyers in Perth today.