Work Accident Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Despite the strict health and safety regulations and the many safety measures put in place, a work accident is still recognized as a risk that employees must face on a regular basis. That risk is substantially higher when you work on a construction site due to the nature of the work environment.

No matter how well you understand your rights, dealing with a work injury is never easy. Common mistakes are frequently made when people suffer from a work-related accident, simply because they weren’t ready for the situation. We are going to discuss how you can avoid making the same mistakes in this article.

Get Medical Treatment!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is worrying about compensation and your future claims before getting medical attention for your injuries. Many lawyers and legal experts recommend documenting the scene of the accident as soon as possible. It is a good advice indeed, but it doesn’t mean you should not get medical attention first.

Going through the trouble of collecting evidence for your claim before seeking medical attention is a bad move for the claim itself. Besides, your safety and health come first. Always make sure you get the injuries examined by a medical professional first before thinking about the next steps to take.

What you want to do is document the medical treatments you receive for your injuries. You can ask the doctor treating you for a detailed report. The report – along with other supporting documents – helps strengthen your case for a construction injury claim.

Be Careful About Signing Documents

Another common mistake people make when dealing with work-related injuries is agreeing to sign documents without realizing what they are agreeing to. There will be a lot of parties asking you to review and sign documents for them; some insurance companies will not even wait until you recover from your injuries.

There are two things to look out for when you are given documents to sign. Contracts or documents that ask you to release the other party from liability are the ones you want to avoid, even when signing them means getting compensated quickly.

Another common clause that you also want to avoid is one that requires you to forfeit your ability (and your right) to file a lawsuit. Even when you are compensated for your injuries, you still maintain the right to file a lawsuit against parties involved in the accident.

Doing Things Yourself

The work injury law can be tricky to navigate, despite the many resources available. You may think you can handle the claim yourself, but there is nothing better than having an experienced lawyer helping you every step of the way, especially if the insurer tries to deny treatment.

Hiring a Workers’ Compensation lawyer in your area is easier than you think. Don’t worry about fees and other costs either because the parties responsible for the accident (and your injuries) will cover them for you, along with your claim.

Having a lawyer helping you means you have someone gathering evidence and documenting everything from the start. It also means you can sit back while a trained pair of eyes reviews every document presented to you.