Workers Compensation Lawyers Win Your Back to Work Dispute

More people who have been injured on the job than you might think are caught up in back to work disputes. First, it is important to understand that on-the-job accidents happen frequently. They account for numerous injuries in the Greater Toronto Area. If you’ve been hurt while on the job, you qualify for financial compensation from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Employers pay premiums into the insurance board, and their rates go up depending on how much the board pays on their behalf. If employers can quickly transition injured employees back to their job, or find “modified” work for them, they can keep down their rates.

Workplace Injury Lawyers

A workers comp lawyer in Toronto can guide you through the benefits you may be entitled to and arrange the necessary paperwork and medical recommendations that support your claim. Do not make any deals with your employer, and do not let managers pressure you to go against a doctor’s recommendations. All workers injured at their place of employment have the right to file a claim for benefits.  The fact is that a majority of people injured at work seek legal help because the employer might not take the employee injuries seriously. Workers comp lawyers at Toronto firms such as Goodman Law Group will make sure that you receive full compensation for any lost income and rehabilitation expenses.

Back to Work Disputes

Employers are able to appeal adjudicators’ decisions that go your way. If this happens, Toronto WSIB lawyers are there to protect your right to benefits. Your employer may also take steps to begin your transition back to the job, or offer “modified” work that does not aggravate or prolong your injury.The WSIB is involved in the transition phase, and there are a number of rules regarding it. The modified job must be meaningful to you and to the employer. Not many law firms are eager to get involved in back-to-work disputes, but the workers comp lawyers at Goodman Law, for example, are fighting to protect employees’ rights to fair compensation.

When companies offer modified jobs, they must specify all new duties including physical requirements like lifting, hours per shift, and shifts per week. Whether or not you can safely perform these requirements is a decision for you and your doctor. If you do not find it to be suitable, you will have to defend your decision to the WSIB. There is more information on the Goodman Law Group Blog on how dedicated Toronto workers comp lawyers make a difference in these disputes.

The WSIB is a no-fault insurance system, meaning that regardless of whether there was negligence on anyone’s part, you can receive compensation. However, some companies have been accused of hiding incidents in order to keep their rates down. Others have attempted to reduce loss time to keep their premiums down under a WSIB incentive program. Any employee that feels that their transition is not being handled properly should contact a workers compensation lawyer for their legal guidance in the case. They have the experience that you need to extend your benefits until you have recovered completely.